PLEASE Training

GBA is dedicated to providing the best solutions for our customers, in order to support this our Bespoke in-house training course (PLEASE) offers our employees a full insight into every section of our values and how we can provide the best standard of service to both our internal and external customers.

On April 29th, 17 of our employees, both office staff and drivers, attended the course at Wrightington Hotel, where they learnt about our history, good communication skills and how to strengthen customer relationships. In addition to this, the course has been JAUPT approved to enable drivers to receive 7 hours CPC but it is not just for drivers. It's for everybody in GBA.

Proud of our Business - Proud of our roots, family business founded in 1987.

Listen to our Customers - Focus, Remove distractions, get the whole picture.

Explore Opportunities - GBA Enterprising - Never say no, Dig Deeper.

Attention to Detail - You are GBA to our customer - Look Smart, Deal with enquiries in a professional manner.

Strengthen Customer Relationships - Know your customer - Manners are essential - Do what you say you are going to do.

Exceed Expectations - Treat customers as you would an Invited Guest - "Lots of Little Wows make BIG Wows."

This is the level we train all our staff to operate from, consistently on a daily basis, and always strive to achieve more.

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