GBA Customs Clearance

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Customs Clearance Declarations are a requirement for all cross border travel in and out of the UK. At GBA we understand that its a complex business, and can result in costly fines and delays if not carried out correctly. 
GBA provides a comprehensive customs clearance service for import and export shipments arriving and departing from all UK ports and Airports. Our team of customs clearance experts will guide you through the entire customs process and ensure you have all the correct documentation.
Our team of in-house experts are ready to make your clearances their priority and can call on many years experience in Customs Clearance processing to complete your entries for you and keep your freight running smoothly.
If you are looking for a focused solution then why not get in contact and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and deliver the service you are searching for and deserve.
  • 24/7 Air, Sea, Road Customs Clearance capabilities
  • 24/7 Authorised Consignee / Consignor Sites across UK
  • 24/7 T1/T2 Transit Documentation Production/Release authority with extended liability
  • 24/7 Inland ETSF Facilities – (External Temporary Storage Facility)
  • VAT/DUTY Deferment Facility
  • Fully AEO certified
  • IPAFF/Traces Registered
  • 24/7 Dedicated Customs compliance Staff

GBA Skyways

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GBA operates a 24/7/365 delivery service for urgent and scheduled aircraft maintenance to every UK airport. The leading UK provider; we call this service GBA Skyways

GBA Skyway – Airside Logistics UK & Mainland Europe

  • 24/7 manned desk / Control Tower
  • International/Domestic AOG Services
  • International/Domestic Engine moves
  • Customs Compliance
  • Freight Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Consultancy Services
  • Servicing 350 MRO/OEM/Part Distributors
  • Dedicated GBA experienced driving team
  • Dedicated GBA Airside Fleet
  • Industry leading web-based IT Platform
  • 24/7 Operation
  • UK / Eire Airports we service Airside

  •   LGW London Gatwick Airport
  •   LHR London Heathrow Airport
  •   LCY London City Airport
  •   STN London Stanstead Airport
  •   BOH Bournemouth Airport
  •   SOU Southampton Airport
  •   EXE Exeter Airport
  •   SEN London Southend Airport
  •   LTN London Luton Airport
  •   CWL Cardiff Airport
  •   BRS Bristol Airport
  •   EMA East Midlands Airport
  •   BHX Birmingham Airport
  •   DSA Doncaster Sheffield Airport
  •   LBA Leeds Bradford Airport
  •   MAN Manchester Airport
  •   LPL Liverpool John Lennon Airport
  •   NCL Newcastle Airport
  •   GLA Glasgow Airport
  •   EDI Edinburgh Airport
  •   PIK Prestwick Airport
  •   ABE Aberdeen Airport
  •   INV Inverness Airport
  •   BFS Belfast Int’l Airport
  •   SNN Shannon Airport
  •   DUB Dublin Airport

GBA Dedicated Transport

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Our fleet is your fleet: that’s what we call “dedicated”!

You’re in total control. You give the orders. It will feel like calling your own transport department – because we’ll make it seem like we exist only to serve you. It’s what we call “dedicated” transport.
The difference is the cost: because you only pay when you use us. When our trucks go away, so do the costs. Until the next time you need a vehicle in a hurry.
No more worries about breakdowns, maintenance or covering for driver absences. It’s all part of the GBA service.
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Why Choose Us?

  • Pan-European collections/deliveries with our own vehicles
  • Ad hoc or contract
  • Sprinter vans, Lutons with tail-lift, 7.5 tonne tail-lift, 18 tonne tail-lift, 40 tonne GVW artics/trailers (side-door box, curtainsider, sliding roof Tautliner, 3m supercube double-decker)
  • Refrigerated Sprinter vans and 22-tonne trailers to GDP spect
  • High-security vehicles with TAPA certification
  • Quotes within 15 minutes and rush vehicles available within 1 hour
  • 24/7/365 operations, monitoring and status update
  • Double crews for non-stop service if required
  • In-house Customs clearance for international movements

GBA Supply Chain Solutions 

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Our teams are ready and waiting to provide you with your ideal Supply Chain Solution. Whether you need a simple Full Truck Load (FTL) from A to B, or you need us to manage the total distribution network from Port to Distribution Centre to Store then we have the experience and skill-set to help you. 
Some of our Supply Solutions are: 
  • Managing multiple loads every day for a large E-Commerce company from Europe to the UK assuring 100% compliance to KPI's 
  • Controlling distribution for a supermarket from the Port to Regional Distribution Centres across the UK
  • Delivering high security items from airports across Europe to multiple final destinations
With expertise across the European mainland and in the UK we will always Deliver the right Solution for you 
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GBA Time Critical

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GBA’s expert staff and impressive resources are on constant stand-by to deliver your goods on time.
At GBA, we’ve been handling time-critical deliveries for decades. So we know the meaning of urgent.
Whether it’s a rush one-off sample to the other side of the world to clinch a major sale…  or a shipment of components to keep your production line running… or even a life-saving cross-country dash with urgent medical supplies… GBA’s expert staff and impressive resources are on constant stand-by to deliver your goods on time.
We deliver the solutions that keep your supply chain in motion.
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Why Choose Us?
  • UK, European and Global coverage
  • Dedicated vehicles available anywhere in Europe within an hour
  • Double crews for non-stop service if required
  • Onboard flight couriers
  • Full plane charters using all commercially-available aircraft types
  • Aircraft on ground (AOG) expertise
  • Expedited Customs clearance
  • Constant online tracking and status
  • Staff on call 24/7/365

GBA Contract Logistics

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Your own one-stop storage and distribution system where you need it, when you need it.
GBA’s facilities are clean, modern, secure and strategically located. They provide everything from long-term storage through breakbulk and inter-vehicle transhipment, to value-added services such as labelling, pick and pack and supply chain sequencing.
We handle everything – from ATMs to car parts, high-value goods and even fireworks. We handle everything with care and attention to detail.
All GBA facilities have vehicles on hand for local, nationwide or Europe-wide collections and deliveries. So you can have your own one-stop storage and distribution system whenever you need it – and you only pay for it when you use it.
Want us to manage your facility? We can do that, too!

GBA High Security

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We accept the shipments that others are afraid to carry. And we’ve earned a reputation for discretion, caution… and success.
Mobile phones. High fashion goods. Consumer electronics. Priceless works of art. They’re all goods that can be worth millions, attract unwelcome attention, and demand the last word in secure transportation.
And they’re all safe with GBA. Because we’ve transported these and thousands of other high-value shipments by road and air, throughout the UK, Europe and the world over the past 30 years. We accept the shipments that others are afraid to carry. And we’ve earned a reputation for discretion, caution… and success.
Our people are carefully-vetted. Our vehicles feature every conceivable security device. And our processes and equipment meet and exceed TAPA standards.
Why Choose Us?
  • TAPA (Transport Asset Protection Association) Accredited
  • High security shipments throughout the UK, Europe and the world
  • Escort vehicle services
  • Own, scrupulously-maintained, discretely-liveried vehicles covering UK and Europe
  • Maple high-security locking systems on all vehicles
  • Remote vehicle monitoring, tracking and geofencing
  • In-cab panic buttons
  • Scheduled two-way communications with base
  • Drivers vetted and security trained to Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) principles
  • Constant security reviews
  • Air freight using only trusted carriers and routes
  • Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Regulated Agent statu

GBA Temperature Controlled

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GBA’s fully GDP compliant pharmaceutical transport services protect your goods’ safety and integrity by anticipating every potential problem, and taking every precaution to prevent it.
Why Choose Us?
  • Pharmaceutical raw materials and finished product; clinical trial shipments; ad hoc patient critical deliveries to hospitals
  • Road collections and deliveries throughout Europe and Russia
    -25°C to ambient
  • High-spec refrigerated Sprinter vans with added insulation (capacity 5 Euro pallets)
  • 20-22 tonne refrigerated trailers (capacity 66 Euro pallets) with dual temperature and double-deck trailers on fleet
  • Golden Cold® Pan-European rapid response breakdown cover
  • Constant event reporting (loaded, seal number, loadspace entry, live telematics with door-to-door temperature reporting, as well as full journey printouts from the vehicles
  • All processes and services are WHO GDP compliant
  • TAPA certified for high security
  • Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Regulated Agent status
  • Fully-trained, vetted and experienced drivers
    24/7/365 Monitoring
  • We use only the best ferry operators, the shortest crossing and open deck/engine running vehicle stowage.