We Are One GBA

GBA welcomed 45 of our managers to our annual conference themed 'We Are One GBA' held at the Last Drop Village in Bolton in January. In 2016 we launched our 10-year vision for GBA - to be recognised as a 'Top European Logistics Provider', reach the Top 20 companies in Motor Transport, achieve a £200m annual revenue and be established in every major European market.

Our One GBA vision emphasises the importance of employee engagement, as we continue to work together towards the same goals, supporting each other and driving our business forward. Our two day event was packed full with a variety of sessions to help us focus on the year ahead, develop our leadership skills and challenge us to think about how everyone in GBA can influence and support our vision of the future.

Peter Zak (Chief Operating Officer) and Paul Birkbeck (General Manager) took us through our progression, successes and guided us through the next three years at GBA. An essential ingredient in achieving our vision is having the right people, who are living our values, who not only understand and are excited about our future but see where they fit into it. Having people who are motivated and engaged will continue to drive us forward, so our conference explored how we could ensure GBA is a great place to work.

Head of HR, Jane Dawe, led an interactive session where our leaders were challenged to think about how they could directly influence and improve engagement. This was followed up by guest speaker Catherine Proctor, Head of Organisational Development at Together Housing who shared her journey of change over the last five years inside a complicated and fragmented business.

On Day two, we were incredibly lucky to have Olympic Medal-winning gymnast Craig Heap who also shared with us his journey of aiming high and reaching his vision. Who better than an Olympian to lead us into our workshop for setting goals? His overwhelming dedication and advice on setting goals was the perfect setting for introducing one of the core company objectives for this year...

Everyone being a part of the GBA Vision. All employees understand how their activities contribute towards the GBA Vision. With all our managers fully understanding our vision, our three year picture and our focus for the year ahead.

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